Charity Shops

For over ten years Choice has been collecting textiles and, more recently, a wide range of other items from charity shops across the UK. After our earlier concentration on textiles, Choice subsequently introduced a far more comprehensive service to assist UK charities. This in particular relates to our dry waste collection initiative introduced in 2006 which was a first in the sector and has helped many major charities such as Oxfam, Sue Ryder Care, YMCA and many others to achieve substantial savings in their waste disposal costs.

We take pride in our close working relationship with the UK charity shop sector. As a trusted name in the sector, Choice does not engage in any activities such as door-to-door collections. Perhaps our strongest asset is the ability to work hand in hand with our charity partners to enhance their growth through support and innovation.

Choice has established a strong partnership with the Charity Retail Association. For some years we have made it possible for a number of smaller charities, including some from South Africa to attend the Association’s annual conference.

We collect a wide range of recyclables; please contact us for a full list.